JMT HRB3V Plate Roll

JMT HRB3V Plate Roll
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  • HRB3V Syncronization
  • HRB3V Variable Geometry Roll Diagram

The new HRB 3V variable geometry plate roll come standard with a very capable PLC 7 axis machine controller. This control makes simple the setup and operation of this multi-movement plate roll. The controller not only displays all three roll locations at any one time, it also shows the rotational speed as well as the upper roll rotational speed on the screen, seen as a reproduction of a clock face. X,Y,and Z axis are constantly displayed on the operational screen reporting actual location by the one tenth of a millimeter.

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Bending Thicknesses: 1″ – 6″
Variable geometry plate rolls are more versatile than single or double pinch 3 rolls
because of the way they are built. They are suitable for medium and thick plate
Unlike the standard 3-roll, the lower rolls move horizontally to right and left and the
upper roll moves up and down.
Similar to 4-roll machines, the material is loaded parallel to the floor, so putting the
machine in a pit is an option.
The current system design allows the roll to be used as a traditional pressing roll in
addition to standard rolling.

Standard Equipment

  • PLC control system
  • Dual cone rolling device
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Rolls positioning from electronic synchronized by PLC
  • Rolls translations and rotation movement hydraulic systems are independent in dual rolling speed
  • Stress relieved steel construction body
  • Rolls housed in sealed spherical roller bearings
  • High stroke top roll and hydraulic drop end
  • Top roll drive has planetary gear box and hydraulic motor
  • Braking system on side rolls
  • Protected slide surfaces
  • Hydraulic protection from overloads and it is monitored on the screen
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Portable control panel
  • Safety wire around the machine
  • Triple speed for rolling
  • Dual speed for rolls positioning
  • Top roll press and rotation pressure gauges are monitored on the screen

Optional Equipment

  • NC control system
  • Side supports at both side
  • Vertical support crane system
  • Changeable top roll for smaller diameters
  • Polished rolls
  • Oil coolant
  • Oil heating
  • Welding possibility on the machine
  • Preparation for vertical support crane system and side supports
  • Plate Feeding table
  • Plate alignment unit
  • Separated power cabin
  • Special applications for wind-tower production