JMT Initial Pinch Plate Roll

JMT MRB Plate Roll
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The MRB Motorized series plate rolling machines all have a 3 horse power motors part of the power of which is utilized to adjust the back roll. The top and bottom rollers are now powered via gearbox and gear drive. The only roll that is manually adjusted on this machine is the bottom roll.

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Standard Specifications

  • Conical bending
  • Back roll has motorized adjustment
  • Bottom roll is manually adjusted
  • Top and bottom rolls powered by electrical motor and gearbox
  • Portable control console
  • Hardened, SAE 1050 steel rolls
  • Stress-relieved steel construction frame
  • Cast Iron Frame
  • Precise bending with motor brake
Optional Accessories:

  • Digital readout(s)
  • Remote (wired or wireless)
  • Bottom roll motorized for clamping
  • Ground rolls
  • Extended rolls for section bending
  • Section rolls