Plate Rolls

From the thinnest sheet to the thickest plate JMT has your number in plate rolling machines. In 3 roll and 4 roll, hand crank to the most powerful variable axis (variable geometry) plate rolling machines available to the industry, JMT is your source for the longest lasting most accurate equipment on the market today.

If massive is your mindset JMT is your source. With widths as narrow as 3 foot 4 inches to widths as wide as 13 foot 5 inches your sheet will probably fall in there somewhere. With thickness capacities as thin as 18 gauge to thickness capacities as thick as 6 inches, you will begin to realize JMT is you’re one stop source for plate rolling machines of any description.

JMT has worked with our manufacturing partner to “fine tune” these plate rolls to our specification and to the pinnacle of their development. The mechanism of the 4 roll and 3 roll machines offers quick and effectual production of thick to medium plates including stainless steel and other difficult to roll materials.

4 Roll Plate Rollers

The epitome of power, the anatomy of a brute. How does one finesse a flat steel plate into a graceful cylindrical shape, the answer, JMT’s four roll plate rolling machines.

JMT’s four roll- rolling machines are designed to handle the massive pressures required to hold and bend these thick plates and sheets. The fastest and most accurate bends are made by four rolling machines. The plate is held securely between the top and bottom rolls while the side ... Read more

  • Four roll plate rolls are more precise, more productive, more versatile safer and easier to operate than 3 roll rolling machine ...

3 Roll Plate Rolls

Double pinch three rolls are economic plate rolls that are easily operated. The plate is held in place between the top and side rolls while the side rolls move vertically to create the bend.

The side rolls are positioned to the right and left of the top roll and are on the same axis. The axis of each roll helps make the bend. The “back” side roll (at the far side of the feeding point) also functions as a back gauge to square the plate for proper align ... Read more

  • Versatility, flexibility, adaptability, practicality, all very good terms when considering JMT’s HRB-3 new line up of 3 roll ...

Plate Rollers

Since smaller plate rolling is really predominant in the smaller fabrication shops, or for just smaller less complicated plate rolling in any size shop, JMT is proud to offer plate rolls intended to service this market segment. Even though these rolls are smaller and less complicated than their larger cousins, the quality of these rolls is evident everywhere you look. From the simple hand cranked JMT-RB, to the motorized MRBS Initial Pinch plate roll, capabilitie ... Read more

  • This hand powered manual roll bender although not particularly complicated has the capability to produce good looking conical p ...

  • A nice feature on this particular machine is the dual foot pedal and emergency stop button are attached to a rather long contro ...

  • The MRB Motorized series plate rolling machines all have a 3 horse power motors part of the power of which is utilized to adjus ...

  • The MRBS Series heavy duty plate rolling machines make their presence known. With solid middle of the road capabilities these n ...

Quality begins on the inside and JMT plate rolls are loaded with world class components. The structure of the machine is enforced by a stress relieved welded frame that has been designed as a 5 axis unit. Precise parallel surfaces and axis points assist in promoting consistent, accurate results. With almost exclusively Bosch-Rex-Roth components from the main hydraulic pump, to the last proportional valve at the end of the line, quality is spoken here. Inside the very well sorted electrical panel, you will find again almost exclusively Siemens main and minor componentry. Longevity is the goal, and JMT plate rolls step up to that challenge.

Simple operation is yet another benefit of these machine’s overall smooth functions, equipped with a readable, user friendly control panel that offers digital readouts and is independently mobile for the operator’s convenience.

For more information on the many advantages of our hydraulic and motorized powered 4 roll and 3 roll plate rolling machines, and how they might fit your specific needs, contact a JMT sales representative today!