May 22, 2017

JMT has a plate roll for every metal rolling need.

Our manual and motorized initial pinch asymmetrical slip rolls are an economical solution for smaller jobs, while our hydraulic 3-roll and 4-roll machines are perfect for bigger projects, with capacities up to 6″ thick and 26’+ long.

Built to last with world-class components, a JMT plate roll or slip roll will provide years of reliable service in your shop.

4-Roll Plate Rolls | When precision counts, choose a 4-roll plate roll from JMT. Less dependent on operator competence than a 3-roll machine, JMT 4-rolls are fast and reliable, bringing you increased productivity. Available from 5′ to 26′ lengths for material thicknesses of 10 Gauge to 6″ in mild steel.

3-Roll Plate Rolls | Our traditional three-roll machines provide superior torque through a combination of planetary gear boxes and hydraulic motors. Featuring induction hardened rolls, JMT 3-roll plate rolls are the cost-effective solution for rolling large diameters. Available from 6′ to 14′ lengths to bend 1/4″ to 2″ material thicknesses.

Variable Geometry Rolls | Ideal for dealing with deflection, JMT’s variable geometry plate rolls feature adjustable position bottom rolls, which change the amount of crowning. Variable geometry rolls allow customers to run a much wider range of material thicknesses than with standard three-roll machines.

Initial Pinch Rolls | Our top-selling initial pinch asymmetrical plate rolls are perfect for most shops. All rolls are hardened SAE 1050 steel and are powered by an electrical motor, gearbox and gear drive. Available in 3’4″ to 10′ bending lengths in 18 gauge to 1/4″ think material.

Motorized Slip Rolls | The economical — yet powerful — solution for rolling lighter gauge material is a JMT motorized slip roll. Features grooves for wire rolling, conical bending capabilities, an emergency stop and a portable foot pedal. Available in 3’4″ to 6’7″ bending lengths for 18 gauge to 11 gauge (1/8″) thick material.

Manual Slip Rolls | Simplicity itself describes JMT’s hand-operated slip rolls. These easy to adjust and operate manual rolls are nevertheless sturdy, with a rigid cast iron frame and SAE 1050 steel rolls. Includes wire or rod grooves in the rolls. Available in 3’4″ to 6’7″ bending lengths for 18 gauge to 11 gauge (1/8″) material.

Whether thin gauge or heavy plate, when you need to roll metal, give JMT a call for your ideal machine! 855-773-7727.



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