Sep 16, 2014


A very compact machine with a footprint of 16’9” by 18’8”, the Eco fiber laser is unique due to its very small internal production space. The Eco laser is an excellent cutting solution for smaller operations, those shops needing a second laser, and those fabricators just beginning to use lasers in metal cutting.

The Eco series features 500 watt, 1 kilowatt and 2 kilowatt models. With the 1 kW laser, for example, you can cut a variety of materials at a high rate of speed that you could never cut with other types of lasers such as CO2, including 5/16” (8mm) mild steel, 3/16” (4mm) stainless steel or 1/16” (2mm) copper or brass. Even greater thicknesses in each can be cut at slower speeds.

The Eco features a dual pallet exchange table with a 5’ x 10’ sheet capacity. The table exchanging process is very fast, taking less than half a minute to complete.

Our Eco lasers are equipped with an auto-focus cutting head. This fiber laser head is faster, requiring no manual adjustment and it automatically adjusts both the focal point and beam diameter.

JMT‘s Eco fiber laser is a cost-friendly machine that will become the heart of your production. It has a very low operating cost in comparison with older technologies like CO2 or plasma cutting. For example, the production cost of one hour on a 1 kW Eco series laser is around $7.00, including electrical consumption, gases, maintenance and all consumables.

The Eco series, with its high production and low cost is your solution for versatile fiber laser cutting at its best.

Overview of the JMT Nukon Eco Series Fiber Laser

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