Jul 19, 2017

JMT‘s Bryan Jorgenson demonstrates the features of the CMS 150A in this video.


JMT's 12" Model CMS 150A Welding Positioners
JMT’s 12″ Model CMS 150A Welding Positioners

JMT offers the HB line of welding positioners, with capacities ranging from 110 lbs. (the 11″ HB 05) to 44,000 lbs. (the 119″ HB 200). But a small welding positioner from JMT has been lately claiming the spotlight, boasting impressive features for its tiny size.

JMT‘s model CMS 150A positioner with its 12″ diameter table has a capacity of 330 lbs., three times that of the similar size HB 05. The CMS 150A includes a variable frequency drive for multiple speed adjustment, a foot pedal control, and an adjustable table angle that allows for operation horizontally, vertically, or at any angle in between.

A feature lacking in many positioners in the market can be found on the CMS 150A: a timer controlled rotation stop, which allows the synchronization of the turn with the operation of a timed seam welder. This model also has a brush-type grounding system so the operator doesn’t have to worry about a grounding wire getting tangled during rotation. For more information about this or any of the other welding accessories JMT sells, please call 855-773-7727 or email JMT@JMTUSA.com.


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