Aug 15, 2016

Finding the right metalworking machine for your business or project is easy with JMT! We offer a wide variety of metalworking and fabrication machines to complete any bending, forming, or rolling application.

Custom Built SpaceX Plate RollJMT has built custom projects for world-class projects, including providing high grade press brakes, angle rolls, and plate rolls used to fabricate the rockets and space vehicles for SpaceX.

SpaceX had a dilemma: they needed a plate roll that would leave no flat spot on a rolled cylinder for a rocket booster. “Not possible,” they’d previously been told. “Not a problem,” JMT said, and we developed a custom 4-roll plate rolling machine for them. This roll now produces rocket booster cylinders for them that have zero flat spot.

Our high quality machine tools and complete service make JMT the best choice for all of your fabrication machining needs.

Our high quality metalworking machine tools and fabrication machines include:

Our world class service and high grade metalworking machines combine to give you the highest quality finished products! We provide our customers with only the best machine tools, metal fabrication equipment and machinery service so they never have to worry about the quality of their fabricated products.

JMT can find any type of machine to meet the needs of any metalworking application. We pool our collective talent to make any project possible! JMT can custom build any press brake, plate roll, angle roll, or other metalworking machine to meet the specific needs of your project or application.

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