Shearing Machines

When it comes to shearing, JMT’s selection of high quality production shears are a cut above the competition. With our newly designed shearing machine lineup, all possible cutting jobs and requirements will be met by one or the other of JMT’s three solid new machines. Whether it be a need for a Variable Rake Shear, a Swing Beam Shear or the Power Operated Shear, no base is left uncovered. When JMT first contacted our world class supplier of fabrication machines, we were interested in seeing if our factory could make a few tweaks of the existing models, well our factory engineers went far beyond that request and conducted a complete revamp of our existing shear line. Consequently JMT is proud to offer our customers the most complete up to date shears available on the market today.

JMTs flagship shear is the new VS series. JMT Variable Rake shears have a CNC control that adjusts blade clearance, cut length and cutting angle automatically. These shears are flexible and can handle thin to thick materials and narrow to wide sheets with fast cycle times. JMT Variable Rake shears can cut 1/4 inch to 1 inch thick materials in lengths ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet. For those customers who may not need the specific capabilities of the VS series JMThas another machine type that may just fit the bill.

The new SBT series of shears are of the swing bean design, JMT Swing Beam Shears have a heavy and robust swing arm, with a proven reliable designed frame. Over-sized roller bearing guides and box construction provide a constant blade gap over the full cutting length. This design will insure the shears deliver a straight cut every time. A quick-set single point blade gap adjustment is conveniently located on the side frame of the machine. The operator can easily and quickly change this setting, as the material type and thickness demands, for a high quality blank. JMT’s new SBT line of shears can handle sheet thicknesses of one quarter of one inch up to three quarters of one inch in mild steel. Shearing lengths range from 10 foot 2 inches to 13 foot 4 inches in sheet processing width.

Variable Rake CNC Shear

The JMT VS series shearing machines are very sleek with a well-proportioned overall outside design, it’s the insides of this cutting machine that bears closer examination. When comparing one manufacturer to another the difference of the components become very obvious. The JMT VS welcome’s the curious to take a look under the hood. The most obvious difference will be in the extremely heavy machine beam and supporting framework. The support slides that guide th ... Read more

  • The JMT VRS series CNC shear (variable rake shear) is one of the most advanced production shears available today. With one quar ...

Swing Beam CNC Shear

In close collaboration of some 60 years with our factories, JMT has fine-tuned the SBT series shears to the pinnacle of their design. Consider this; The SBT series shears offer one quarter inch to three quartet inch thickness capacity in 10 foot 2 inches to 13 foot 4 inches width capacities. The SBT series shear are just the most heavily built swing beam shears you can find in the industry bar none. With the most robust beam and frame construction available. They ... Read more

  • If your intent is high speed straight cutting in your shearing operation, then JMT’s SBT Swing Beam shear is the solution. Wi ...

Mechanical Shear

The MS series brings its powerful, motorized action to your light to moderate cutting projects with the ability to manage extra sensitive sheet metal to dense plastics. Precise handling of ultra-thin sheets is backed by a specialized t-slotted support system with ball transfers in the table for reduced marking on materials. There is also the advantage of sheet hold downs, a spring style that clamps materials securely in place with a non-slip rubber pad. Because o ... Read more

  • Finally, a shearing machine that combines all of your most-wanted elements packed into one dynamic package: accuracy, low-energ ...