Band Saws

If production is your intent for your metal cutting band sawing needs, you have found the right saws. JMT is proud to present our latest line up of high speed ultra-accurate band sawing machines. We don’t sit pat, when innovation for any of our machines comes along, we adopt them as quickly as we can. Consequently, our new band saws have every innovation currently available from our world renowned manufacturing partners.

Band saws machines can be constructed in many different ways, some designs are better than others. Accuracy of the build process is critical to the long term functionally of the saw. JMT band saws are constructed like no other band saw machines in the industry. The benefits of an accurate build are numerous and will determine the lifecycle of the machine. Band saws consist of two major components the base and the cutting head. If concentricity is not maintained between the major components, a considerable number of problems are likely to arise.

You purchase a band saw machine one time, you purchase band saw blades for years to come, if your band saw machine is not properly constructed the end result will show up in increased costs of saw blades over the lifecycle of the band saw machine.

Horizontal Band Saws

JMT sells horizontal band saws of various types: manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation, as well as both pivoting and double column design. Band saws are preferable to chop saws for most metal cutting work, as they are quieter, more accurate and easier to operate. They are ideal for straight line cutting, bundle cutting, and making smooth cuts in heavy-duty materials.

Horizontal band saws are a very popular type of saw, and have advantages over vertical band saws. While a verti ... Read more

Vertical Band Saws

Vertical band saws (often called contour saws) are different than horizontal saws in that the blade is kept stationary while the material is moved manually against it by the operator. Horizontal band saws, in contrast, move the saw blade down through securely clamped material.

JMT primarily offers a wide line of horizontal band saws, ideal for most aspects of metal fabrication work. While we don’t regularly stock vertical band saws, we can special order them from several of our partn ... Read more

Our new line of sophisticated metal cutting saws includes automatic, semi-automatic and manual versions that would lend themselves a perfect fit for any cutting operation. All of our new saws are cast from meehenite nodular cast iron, where the saw calls for base casting or bow casting. This much improved type of cast iron is as much as six times more vibration absorbing than a typical weldment. Meehanite cast iron is widely known for it’s uniform soundness, physical properties, and it’s capability to absorb vibration. Our saws also include cast iron guide arms, pivot bases and in many cases, cast iron vise components. All of this use of meehenite cast iron has but one single purpose, to improve the band saw machines stability. Vibration is the number one cause of shortened band saw blade life. Another benefit of a more rigid platform is the reduced cost of maintenance as all the moving parts last longer. Stability has to be engineered in, it can’t be added on.

In addition to the quality of materials used to produce our band saw machines, our exclusive process of building up the saw machine from the base on, while still in the original production jig is unique to our industry. This production process is intended to produce the most accurate part to part matching as the machine takes shape, again with the purpose of producing the most stable platform to attach the bow head.

JMTs lineup includes pivot type or scissor band saws, dual column band saws with both configurations incorporating straight cutoff style machines, single miter or in many cases double miter machines.

If you have a piece of any kind of metal in your shop you can’t cut, maybe it’s because you don’t have a JMT-USA high quality saw in your shop.