Laser Automation

Laser Automation

JMT’s CELL system is a full-functional expansion for your fiber laser cutting machine. Work queues of several sheets are activated by pressing a single button — there is no separate control panel for the loading/unloading unit.

When the productivity of a fiber laser cutter needs to be increased, or when the material handling and work flow in a factory needs to be optimized, the JMT Fiber Laser CELL will be the most efficient and most economic solution for your needs.

  • The twelve-rack automation system offered by JMT simplifies automated sheet loading for the high production fiber laser user.

  • Single shuttle dual table automation for your JMT fiber laser improves productivity and reduces turnaround time for each job.

Two different loading and unloading automation layouts are possible for JMT fiber lasers. The equipment can be easily adapted to integrate with automatic storage systems.