JMT HDFS Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Need a smaller fiber laser? Want to save on energy consumption in your fiber laser cutting? The JMT-HDFS may be just the fiber laser cutting machine for you! This cost-effective cutter features a smaller footprint than our other lasers.

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The JMT-HDFS fiber laser is our smart laser (the “S” in the model number actually stands for “Smart”). This is our “eco” machine — it saves in both size and energy consumption, but can still do everything the JMT-HDF and JMT-HDFL models can.

This compact machine is a space saver in the workshop and consumes less energy due to its single motor drive. It is automated and still features a shuttle table, and many users find it easier to load and unload than the other models. It isn’t offered with a linear drive, however, and only comes in one kilowatt to three kilowatts models.


  • Optimized working area.
  • Strong frame.
  • Faster table change.
  • Lighter cutting table.
  • Easy to reach the cut sheet.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • The Y axis is mounted in the middle.
  • Motorized front door.