Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

For cutting accuracy and efficiency, the fiber laser cutting machine stands head and shoulders above other cutting systems, such as CO2 lasers or plasma cutting machines. Fiber lasers are designed for energy efficiency. The laser beam is transmitted directly from the resonator through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head. This solid-state design does not require any mirrors or optical devices to transmit the laser beam. Fiber lasers are an ideal choice for cutting reflective materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Unlike a CO2 laser that use electricity to ignite laser gas, that includes gases like Helium, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to produce the laser beam, fiber lasers use a Compact Ytterbium Fiber Laser System that is directly feed into the core of the flexible fiber optic cable. Fiber lasers do not require expensive gases to operate and they use less electricity. Fiber has a 35% wall efficiency as compared to CO2 that has an 8% wall efficiency. Another big advantage of fiber laser cutting machines is that fiber lasers are less expensive to operate.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

JMT’s fiber lasers are designed to be truly maintenance free. Driven by a reliable, rack & pinion direct-drive system with AC servo motors, this model achieves very high acceleration speeds.

When the application demands high-precision or...

JMT fiber lasers are designed and built for performance

All JMT fiber lasers are built on a solid foundation to assure accuracy even under the most demanding operating conditions. The cutting head is mounted on a stiff gantry axis system, which is mounted to a rigid stress-relieved steel frame. This design maintains cutting accuracy even at the highest accelerations and fastest cutting speeds.


Continuous cutting with less down-time

JMT fiber lasers come standardly equipped with features to help improve your productivity.

To simplify your material handling, JMT integrates shuttle tables into the control system. While the laser is cutting one sheet, the shuttle table system allows for convenient of unloading of cut parts and loading of new sheets. This method minimizes the amount of time you spend handling materials and maximizes your productivity. Furthermore, our fully electric shuttle tables do not require the use of any hydraulic oils and are maintenance free.

Another time-saving feature is the lateral drawer scrap removal system that allows you to remove scrap pieces from the work area without interrupting the cutting process. The sideways design of this system allows for easy access and maintenance.


Breathe easier with our clean operating system:

Harmful fumes and dust particles produced during cutting can be a problem with other machines, but not with the JMT fiber lasers. Our machines include a multi chambers high efficient system offers the ability to make an equal amount of suction during the cutting operation of the whole machine cutting area. This systems will improve the air quality in your shop as well as protect the health and safety of your laser operators.

The 3 most important components:

The reliability and performance of any fiber laser system really comes down to the type of resonator, the cutting head and the CAD/CAM software that are used. JMT fiber lasers are built with the best components that perform cut after cut:

We use an IPG resonator as the power source for our fiber laser. The diodes in this resonator are all solid-state and have an estimated lifetime of more than 100,000 hours! Ytterbium fiber lasers operating at the 1070 nm wavelength are perfect for laser cutting. The operating wavelength, multi-kilowatt power, good beam quality, wide operating power range, power stability, small spot size are some of the qualities the fiber lasers offer for most cutting applications. Fiber lasers have wide dynamic operating power range and the beam focus and its position remain constant. IPG resonators have heat redundancy to ensure 100% up time with no change in power. There are no moving parts to wear out, in this resonator so it is reliable and maintenance free operation.

For the cutting tool, we use a Precitec ProCutter head that is equipped with a fully-integrated sensor system that monitors the cutting process and provides real-time relevant feedback to the operator via machine controls, head mounted LEDs and a Bluetooth® system that interfaces with the operator’s smart device. This intelligent auto-focusing head is able to detect distance between the nozzle and the sheet and to automatically adjust the head height to compensate for differences in the sheet metal. It is able to make this adjustment even at the highest cutting speeds.

In addition, the ProCutter head is completely encased in a dustproof housing which protects the beam path from contamination. Since the fiber laser light beam is only 1µm in wavelength, it is very sensitive to dust or other contamination produced in cutting process. Having the cutting head inside a protective housing ensures that all critical parts remain as clean as possible. This protection means the focal lens will last longer and require less maintenance. The housing is built for easy maintenance with replaceable, low-cost protective window.

Software has as much impact on fiber laser performance as hardware. We wanted a CAD/CAM software that was powerful and feature rich but still easy-to-use, as well as a software package that would integrate fully with our hardware so we could optimize our laser performance. Lantek Expert Cut software delivers an array of unique features that benefit the user, which is why every JMT fiber laser system includes this software package.

Lantek Expert Cut has an intuitive menu system that can be easily customized for your application. The menus can be adjusted to fit different steps in your production process. You can design or import parts, select materials from the warehouse, nest and execute cutting sequences all from within the same program. Expert Cut’s automatic nesting feature maximizes your material utilization by optimizing the part arrangements on the sheet metal. In addition, the software measures any remnant pieces and saves the information in memory using its special warehouse feature. On your next job, the software will automatically prioritize the remnant sheet for use, which helps you manage their material inventory more effectively.

A customizable library allows you to create up to 12 cutting profiles for different materials/thicknesses. These profiles include settings for power, speed, frequency, gas, as well as, entry management details such as lead-in, pierce, fly-cutting parameters. When setting up your job, simply select the appropriate cutting profiles from the library. This feature simplifies job set-up and saves you time. Overall, JMT fiber lasers provide the flexibility, performance and value that you should expect from a fiber laser metal cutting system.