Oct 02, 2015

“We wanted a CAD/CAM system that was powerful and feature rich but still easy-to-use,” explains Johntana Messer, JMT Laser Sales Engineer. “Lantek Expert Cut software stood out from other CAD/CAM programs. We were able to fully integrate this software with our hardware to optimize the performance of our fiber laser system.”

A JMT fiber laser with Lantek Expert Cut software offers many unique and helpful features:

  • An intuitive menu system that can be customized by the user. Users can perform a variety of functions within the same program, such as designing parts and executing cutting sequences.
  • The automatic nesting feature optimizes the arrangement of parts for maximum material utilization during cutting, and saves information on remnant pieces for use in subsequent jobs (helping manage material inventory).
  • Multiple cutting profiles can be created for different materials/thicknesses that can include power, speed, frequency, gas, lead-in, pierce, fly-cutting and other parameters.

Many other fiber lasers use proprietary (and expensive) CAD/CAM programs that are anything but user-friendly. Lantek, on the other hand, makes post processors available for almost every type of fabrication equipment (meaning your Lantek Expert Cut software will work not only with your JMT fiber laser but with your other equipment too!).

“The JMT-HDFL fiber laser with Lantek Expert Cut software offers users exceptional performance, flexibility and value,” states Messer.

You can see a demonstration of the JMT-HDFL fiber laser at booth S3114 at FABTECH this November, and you can request a laser cutting time study of your parts HERE.


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