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Our JMT press brakes are offered with the Delem CNC Controls. We offer the 3 most popular Delem controls: the DA-52, DA-56, and the DA-66T.

The Delem DA-52 is our non graphical NC control and is very popular for companies and operators who are very new to a CNC controlled press brake.  This is a very intuitive and simple control to use.

The Delem DA-56 is the next control up from the DA-52 and is a graphical control that allows an operator to draw in a program, run a bend sequence of the part in 2D as well as drawing tooling in.

The Delem DA-66T is very similar to the DA-56 but also is a touch screen and can view programs in 3D.  

Below are some videos demonstrating the DA-56 and DA-66T:  

Delem DA-56 Manual Bending Demo on a 12′ JMT Brake


Delem DA-56 Automatic Program Demo on a 12′ JMT Brake


Delem DA-66T Touch Screen Control

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Connecting Bending Programs on Delem DA-66T

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