Apr 25, 2014


JMT offers a plate drilling machine that features a 16 unit automatic tool changer and can drill, mill, tap, countersink and scribe plate steel.

This CNC machine has a Mitsubishi M70 V control system and 20 HP spindle motor (optional higher HP motor) that has a speed of 100 – 4500 RPM.

Plate working dimensions run from 3.94” x 3.94” x 3.15” (min.) to 39” x 59” x 2.5” (max) .  Maximum material weight that can be positioned is 1650 lbs.

All movements are made by the CNC control using servo motors, providing high positioning accuracy. The workpiece is fixed in position by two high torque clamping jaws.

It features a central lubrication system that consists of a grease pump, main and intermediate distributors.

An internal cooling system pumps high pressure water and air to the outside of the tools to keep them from overheating while cleaning the drilling surface.

The temperature of the electrical cabin is maintained by an air conditioner.

The main body is a welded steel construction and all parts are heat-treated for stress relief.

This plate drill also features a chip conveyor.

JMT Plate Drill

JMT sells structural steel fabrication equipment, along with press brakes, plate rolls, fiber lasers and other metal-working machines. Call 855-773-7727 or email JMT@JMTUSA.com for more information.

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