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JMT Press Brakes

Benefits of JMT Press Brakes

Like our other machine tools, JMT press brakes are designed for a wide range of sheet metal and structural steel fabrication applications.

Whether your application requires bending simple shapes or complex parts, JMT has a press brake to match your needs and your budget.  JMT press brakes are designed for reliability, precision performance and ease-of-operation.

JMT press brakes benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs.

We offer several series of press brakes with features and options tailored to different manufacturing
environments. Each series offers machines in a range of lengths and tonnages.  JMT also can customize a
press brake to your exact needs.

Types of JMT Press Brakes

JM-R Press Brakes

3-5 Axis CNC | 4′ -20′ Bending Lengths + Tandem | 60 -660 Tons
These value-oriented press brakes are designed for cost effective production with features such as large strokes, daylights and throat depths. The large dimensions make it easy to load/unload parts. A touch screen control unit makes programming easy, reducing the required operator skill level. The JM-R press brakes have features for handling simple or complex parts.

 ADR Pressbrake 300x180 JMT Press Brakes

JM-S Press Brakes

5 – 14+ Axis CNC | 6′ -40′ Bending Lengths + Tandem, Trio, Quad | 60 -4000 Tons
These top-of-the-line press brakes feature a servo driven CNC back-gauage system for faster speeds and better accuracy. The automatic CNC crowning sytem improves part quality. A 3D graphical control unit simulates and detects collision points, making programming easier and faster.

JM-S press brakes have exceptionally large strokes, daylights and throat depths to accommodate deep bends and long tooling.

 ADS Pressbrake1 300x180 JMT Press Brakes

JM-DS Press Brakes

5 -14+ Axis CNC · 8’ – 10’ Bending Lengths · 110, 150, 195 Tons
These servo-driven press brakes deliver fast, accurate bending with less energy consumption.  Like the JM-S press brakes, the JM-DS press brakes feature a stable and fast AC servo driven back gauge system; a powerful, yet simple 3D graphical viewing controller; automatic CNC crowning; and outboard-mounted long ram guides to provide stability while maximizing the length between the frames for acute angle bending.

 ad servo 300x214 JMT Press Brakes

 JM-BAB Press Brakes (Big Application Brakes)

JMT offers the latest technology for “large format” bending and automation with their BAB series — “Big Application Brakes”.

This line of press brakes provides an integrated bending solution combining higher tonnage and/or longer length press brakes together with application appropriate tooling and material handling equipment. The results include better compensation for high spring-back sheets, reduced material handling, increased through-put, and improved employee safety.

 FBS light pole 1 JMT Press Brakes

 JM-H Press Brakes (Hybrid Pressrolls)

New hybrid machine designs from JMT are combining the strength and stability of the press brake ram with the rolling capabilities of the plate roll. Hybrid machines can form parts that have thicker walls, tighter diameters or longer lengths than a traditional plate roll could handle. JMT can design and build a machine for your specific application needs.

 Large Roll with overhead support JMT Press Brakes
For more information and detailed specifications on JMT press brakes, download our catalogs.
JM-S Catalog JM-R Catalog
Download PDF Button 2 JMT Press Brakes
Download PDF Button 2 JMT Press Brakes