Nov 02, 2017

JMT helps welders do their work faster and safer through our wide range of welding positioning equipment.

Turntable WELDING POSITIONERS allow work pieces to be revolved 360 degrees and pivoted 90 degrees, keeping the welding torch in one position as the work piece moves. This eliminates operator fatigue, increases productivity and generally produces higher quality welds.

Manual and NC-controlled ELEVATING WELDING POSITIONERS are also available that can adjust the height of the table along with rotation and pitch for even more precise positioning.

Crossbeam WELDING MANIPULATORS move torches to where they are needed on the work piece. The arm where the torch is mounted can raise, lower and move horizontally along the central shaft and the shaft itself can rotate to move the arm to any angle. The entire assembly can also move along tracks, allowing a manipulator to assist in welding large objects such as tanks.

The ability to rotate a cylindrical piece for welding is essential in the production of tanks and pressure vessels. JMT‘s self-aligning TANK TURNING ROLLS can adjust the wheels’ angle automatically to fit the diameter of the work piece and have full-gear wheel drive.

Safer than using a crane to move an I-beam into position, BEAM ROTATORS allow long, non-cylindrical work pieces to be rotated easily for welding, even by a single operator.

Weld better with the help of JMT‘s welding positioning equipment.

JMT Welding Positioning Equipment

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