Jun 15, 2016

Ironworkers are indispensable to most metalworking operations. Whether you run a small maintenance shop, operate a large fabrication company, do diesel trailer repair or even just occasionally need to fix farm equipment, the flexibility of a JMT ironworker makes it the perfect tool for you. A veritable “Swiss Army Knife” of a machine, ironworkers feature stations for punching, notching, shearing, bending and more.

JMT offers these versatile tools in a variety of configurations and capacities to satisfy every need:

  • Our Rhino series of single cylinder, single operator machines are comparable to other popular ironworkers in style, operation and quality, but are available for a fraction of the cost. They come in 40, 55 and 90-ton punching capacities.
  • We also have a second series of single cylinder machines with 39 or 50-ton punching capacities.
  • Our dual cylinder machines allow two operators to work in tandem at different stations on the ironworker. Our dual cylinder models come in 60, 88, 121 and 182-ton punching capacities.

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