Aug 17, 2015

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Got Metal?

JMT offers the equipment you need for a wide range of metal fabrication projects.

Need to cut metal? We have shears for shearing and band saws for sawing, not to mention fiber lasers for fast, efficient, precise cutting.

Need to bend metal? Our JMT press brakes are a popular solution with customers across the U.S. Our R-series machines are value-oriented precision press brakes, while our premium S-series brakes offer 14+ axes and up to 4000 tons and 30′ lengths (and larger custom machines are available). We also offer hybrid servo press brakes, as well as tandem, trio and quad configuration of multiple brakes for really long jobs.

Need to roll metal? We have manual, motorized and hydraulic plate rolls for everything from sheet metal to heavy plate and angle rolls capable of rolling angle iron, I-beams, solid rounds, square tubing and any other profile of metal.

From ironworkers to pipe benders, from notchers to turret punches, from drill lines to welding positioners, JMT has what you need for your fabrication jobs. Please call us today at 855-773-7727 or email and let us recommend the right machine for all your fabrication needs.

Fabrication Machines from JMTOur main lines include:


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