Nov 16, 2016

FABTECH 2016 is underway, and JMT is in the heart of it.

“The show is about ready to open,” JMT National Sales Manager Shane Reynolds reported first thing this morning. “A lot of people are starting to come in, and we are looking forward to having a good day.”

Months of planning and an intense amount of hard work in just the last week has really paid off for our presence at the show. “We’ve got everything ready and our booth is looking great,” said Bryan “Bud” Jorgenson, JMT co-owner and Regional Sales Manager. “All of our employees pitched in, and we appreciate the help,” he added. Shane Reynolds agreed: “Everyone’s worked hard to get the machines up.”

The salesmen have been going non-stop today at the show, as have our service technicians and support staff. When asked for their take on how opening day was going, most of the staff gave brief replies that reflected a similar theme: “The show has been busy,” said one. “We are super busy here,” said a second. “It’s been a crazy, busy day,” replied a third.

JMT Regional Sales Manager Jeff Sargent echoed the sentiment: “It’s been incredibly busy. A lot of interest. Huge amount of traffic.” Jeff has been participating with JMT at FABTECH for years, first as a service tech and more recently as a sales manager, and he noted that as far as people showing interest, this is the strongest first day he has seen. Territory Sales Manager Sheldon Hill agreed, commenting, “It has been extremely productive. More people were in the booth during the first few hours than last year.”

Service Tech Chase Peterson added, “The first day was very productive. All machines are running to their capacity. Customers are saying the machines run smoothly.”


JMT at FABTECH 2016 Day 1


JMT is an official sponsor of FABTECH 2016, which is being held through Friday, November 18, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Are you attending FABTECH this week? What are you waiting for — drop by booth C39047 and let’s talk machines!

Not at FABTECH? No problem — please give us a call or send us an email and let us consult with you on your current and upcoming metalworking projects.

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JMT Setting Up for FABTECH 2016


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