Nov 13, 2014


The third and final day of FABTECH 2014 has come to an end and things are winding down. The salesmen are all busy closing last minute deals, and the service crew is getting ready for the dismantling of our booth.

“Loved the show. It’s been great,” commented Mike Rose, JMT’s Regional Sales Manager for the Southeastern U.S.

“It’s been a very good show,” noted JMT’s Marketing Manager Annette Plummer. “Turnout has been great all three days. The overall mood at the show has been very positive, customers are ready to buy.”

This was the first FABTECH show ever for our newest salesman, Dustin McBride, a Territory Salesman in the Rocky Mountains. Of the show he said, “It’s huge! I’ve been very busy the past three days, hopefully a lot of potential business to follow.”

JMT sold several machines off the show floor including both press brakes that we had there, a large plate roll, and the 4 KW fiber laser which was our centerpiece. “Visitors are impressed with the JMT fiber laser,” said Annette Plummer, “and many have stopped to admire the motorcycle [sculpture] and other pieces that we cut out on the laser.”

It has been three very intense days for our staff. When asked for a comment about the show, Dennis Ebner, our National Laser Sales Manager quipped, “My feet hurt.” That probably sums it up for all of our crew, but everyone still enjoyed every minute of it.


















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