May 23, 2013

Press brakes used in tandem can be easily synchronized and are often easier to use in precision applications than one large press brake.

At JMT, we can synchronize these press brakes using CNC controls. This type of control offers extreme precision and synchronicity. We can program these to complete practically any type of application you are interested in using the tandem press brake for. If you choose to move these press brakes and use them for individual, smaller applications in the future; they will already be ready to use with a high quality CNC control.

CNC controls take into account all aspects of your tandem press brake application including length of material, gauge of material, bending length, and tool details. Each aspect of the job is programmed to achieve the optimal outcome with maximum efficiency. This can severely reduce your costs of labor and excess material or byproduct waste. CNC controls determine the necessary bend force required for the desired bend stroke so you always get the right bend for any application.

Additional advantages of using a CNC control to synchronize press brakes in tandem include:

  • Automatic positioning of the back gauge
  • Programming of practical bending sequence
  • Calculation of bottom dead center for accurate bending angle and top dead center
  • Program various bending speeds
  • Ability to select manual, semi-automatic, or automatic working modes for your project

Using CNC controls to achieve complete synchronicity of press brakes used in tandem make it possible to achieve optimal results for any application. Practically every aspect of your press brake application can be automated with the advanced technology of a CNC control. This type of control can even be removed from either of the press brakes to use on another machine if your future needs require it. For extreme precision, automation, and synchronicity, a CNC control is the right choice for your tandem press brakes.

For more information about multi-brake configurations, or to discover which press brake option is right for your application, contact JMT today. One of our press brake experts will be happy to give you a personal consultation that can assist you be more efficient in your specific applications. Call 855-Press-Brake (855-773-7727) or email


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