Nov 26, 2014

Shane Reynolds
Regional Sales Manager

FABTECH 2014 was a great event for all who attended. There was an overwhelming response from vendors and participants about our booth, comments like “amazing booth,” “beautiful layout,” “how did you guys make those containers look like that?” We were very proud of the booth because of all the hard work of our service personnel to make sure everything was working properly and looked the way it was designed to be.

We also met a lot of new folks from that region who we have not previously worked with in the past, and it was good to see what these businesses were doing in their respective marketplaces. Also, it was an insightful experience to see how the business climate was like in that region.

We had a lot of buzz around our JMT fiber laser when the laser was in a fly cutting program.  People couldn’t believe how fast it was moving and how accurately it was cutting. People who were not familiar with our laser were very impressed with the technology and how competitive we were with all the other manufacturers in quality.

The drill line was another draw for the crowds, especially since we had a program running on the machine that was moving all axes on the three drill spindles simultaneously. Attendees were very impressed with the quality and speed of the drill line, and that led to requests for more information. People were wanting to learn more about the machine and its capabilities.

It was a successful show and we were happy to see the number of people that were coming to our booth to see the latest and greatest JMT has to offer. Likewise, FABTECH 2014 gave us opportunities to establish more relationships that will likely turn into mutually beneficial partnerships in the near future.

[Update: In 2015 Shane Reynolds succeeded Ken Bartelli as JMT’s National Sales Manager upon Ken’s retirement.]


Lance L. Lamberton
Regional Sales Manager

JMT has become a well-recognized brand in the industry, as demonstrated at this year’s FABTECH expo. People now look for us at the show each year, wanting to see what we have to offer. We have become a major presence at FABTECH.

Customers have commented on how comfortable they feel spending time in our booth, discussing the industry and their upcoming projects with the JMT team. With our equipment customers are capable of making their high quality products while maintaining a competitive price. For example, we have shown them that we can offer them in a JMT fiber laser a higher quality machine at a value-level price for all of their high speed cutting needs.

We are excited for the future, seeing many opportunities to strengthen our brand and build customer loyalty. JMT can help fabricators do their work faster, more accurately and with a significant cost savings, allowing them to be more successful in this very competitive global market.


Evan DeGeorgio
Territory Sales Manager

One thing I really noticed was that some customers made the trip to FABTECH to specifically check out JMT‘s equipment in person. I met one fella who made it all the way from Australia to see our JMT fiber laser.  Another customer traveled from Houston to see our press brakes and learn the controls.  I was amazed by the magnitude of people that were impressed with our setup.


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