Oct 08, 2013

FABTECH 2013 is almost here! Join us November 18-21, 2013 in our booth S1793,  to view our band saws and sign up for a demonstration!

JMT DCB M560 Automatic Band SawJMT band saws are the easiest and fastest way to cut metal. This metal cutting approach is ideal for a wide variety of metals including iron, copper compounds, aluminum compounds, production steel, carbon steel, hot-cold work tool steel, reform steel, pattern steel, nickel chrome compound steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, titanium compounds, foundries, construction steels and non-ferrous metals straight or angular.

JMT band saws are commonly used in construction and manufacturing plants. The fast cutting times, inexpensive initial cost, and low maintenance of these band saws make them ideal in a wide variety of applications.

Visit the JMT booth at Fabtech 2013 to discover the benefits the following equipment:

  • HB-S Series Band Saw
  • DCB-M Series Band Saw
  • DCB-S Series Band Saw
  • HB-A Series Band Saw
  • DCB-DM Series Band Saw
  • DCB-A Series Band Saw
  • DCB-FA Series Band Saw

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one demonstration, please contact JMT today. We are happy to go over your band saw and metal cutting application in order to find the right band saw to meet your needs.

Get more information about our band saws by calling our sales team at 855-773-7727 or by emailing us at Info@JMTUSA.com.


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