Nov 26, 2013

Attendance at FABTECH 2013 broke all records, with over 40,000 attendees, and many of these people found their way to the JMT booth to meet our personnel and look over our machines.

KenBartelliByLine2.jpgThis year JMT sponsored a booth of over 5000 square feet and showed 15 machines, including fiber lasers, press brakes, plate rolls and related software. A highlight for me was seeing the number of 2D fiber lasers throughout the show. It has become apparent that this technology has eclipsed that of CO2 lasers in the marketplace.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to discuss this topic with a number of show attendees one morning. FABTECH management had approached JMT about developing a formal presentation addressing the proposition of fiber lasers as an alternative to CO2 lasers. My presentation seemed to go over very well with the participants and was divided into three areas: cost justification (a fiber laser provides a cost saving of about two-thirds over using a CO2 laser); efficiency (producing parts faster with a fiber laser in a variety of materials and thicknesses) and the versatility of our new cutting head (it gives the ability to adjust the focal point and beam diameter, allowing a user to cut a variety of parts, from thick to thin, without having to change the optical lenses).

We put our best foot forward at the show, and judging by the reaction of attendees and fellow exhibitors alike, we succeeded. The efforts which we made this year were dynamic and will come back to us tenfold. The JMT staff took a vested interest in everything from building the booth to how we presented ourselves. Our employee initiative is to make our prospects our customers and to turn our customers into our advocates. We took a big step this year at FABTECH 2013.

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