Jun 28, 2016

JMT’s ECO BEND electric press brakes are quiet, eco-friendly machines that can increase your competitive edge through their efficient, low-cost operation.

Features of the Eco Bend include:

  • The motion of the upper beam is controlled by special ball screw Ecodrive systems.
  • Ultra-fast cycle times (as much as 40% faster than conventional press brakes).
  • Sturdy mono-block Hexa-C frame, welded and stabilized in such a way that the upper beam guides are independent of the main structure.
  • Motors are positioned close to the machine center for better load distribution.
  • The press brake consumes zero energy during material handling operations between bendings.

Contact JMT today for a competitive quote on the best press brake you can buy. 855-Press-Brake (855-773-7727) or email Info@JMTUSA.com.


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