Feb 09, 2015

Proper machine installation and calibration is critical. If it isn’t installed or calibrated correctly it will never work right. You might make your first part right, but you will fight to get it right every time after.

A press brake is a machine that is always flexing and moving. Even though you anchor and level your brake when you install it, your anchor bolts will start to work loose over time. Loose anchors are one of the things that can really throw your bends off, so they are something that you need to keep an eye on when you are running a precision machine like a press brake. Make sure your machine stays level, stays anchored and isn’t moving while it is operating.

As a part of the general maintenance of your press brake, you should inspect your machine as you are cleaning it to see if other parts are working loose. Also listen for unusual noises as you operate your press brake — just like you would with your car, when you start to get a rattle, look to see what’s loose on your machine. Check and tighten all necessary bolts and connections at least monthly.

Even on a Y1/Y2 machine, we don’t recommend off-center bending. While it can be done, we suggest following the very common practice of bending in the center of your brake. Everything will be kept equalized and you won’t have to fight it and make adjustments while putting undue strain on the machine. If you are bending a small piece, bend in the center. No matter what it is, it is better to bend in the center.

A basic press brake practice when you are done running your machine is to park it in the bottom position. Rest the beam down in the die or on blocks every night. It is much easier on the cylinders and valves when the hydraulics aren’t having to hold the ram up. No matter how tight a hydraulic system is, even if the brake is brand new, pressure can bleed off holding so much weight.



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