Feb 09, 2015

An essential part of press brake maintenance is the proper lubrication of your machine, and you should clean as you lubricate. As you grease something the excess grease will start to come out on the surface, and wiping it off right away will prevent it from picking up dust and potentially causing problems.

Your press brake’s manual should have a diagram that shows required lubrication for specified parts along with a chart showing the estimated schedule to follow. Keep in mind that most of these are determined by an eight hour work day, so you will need to adapt up or down according to your actual work. For example, if you are running three shifts, you will likely need to lubricate three times sooner than what is recommended.

Your manual will also include other charts and timetables for scheduled maintenance, changing hydraulic oil, replacing filters, etc. For the longevity of the machine, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the manual for scheduled maintenance.

It’s a good idea to make a copy of your press brake manual. At JMT we usually send our manuals on CD-ROM computer discs with our machines. We recommend to our customers that when manuals arrive on discs, they should print them out and put the printed copy in the electrical panel where it’s accessible, and then keep the disc somewhere safe.

You should always keep a hard copy of your press brake manual with your machine where your operators can use it but also keep a paper or digital copy in storage away from your machine. Manuals are incredibly important, yet people constantly lose them and replacements aren’t always easy to come by. Your manual needs to be accessible to electricians and other technicians who come in to service your press brake. Digging around looking for manuals while a tech is waiting can consume a lot of billable time.



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