Los Angeles, California

Driven by innovation, Prudential Lighting Company has been engineering and manufacturing florescent and LED luminaires for over 60 years.

Prudential is proud that every product they sells is made by American workers using locally sourced materials.

Prudential Lighting works with leading architects and designers to create attractive, energy-efficient lighting fixtures for buildings, offices and schools. The company is the recipient of numerous architectural awards.

Prudential Lighting - Rolling
Prudential Lighting

Production Challenge


Some of Prudential Lighting’s most popular products use a circular aluminum frame with the lighting lens mounted internally or nested within another circular frame. The stock material for these luminaires is purchased as a straight Aluminum extrusion with grooves to support the lens. The straight extrusion is then rolled to the desired diameter, which ranges from 18” up to 4 feet in diameter depending on the product specifications.

Steve Holguin is the manufacturing engineer responsible for producing finished products. Efficient work flow in downstream operations depends on accurate and consistent roll forming. Holguin explained that the seams need to match up exactly or they can’t be welded properly. The frames must not twist during rolling; otherwise, the lens won’t fit into the fixture.

JMT’s Solution

JMT recommended a JMT-PBH 100 profile roll with customized tooling for Prudential’s application. This hydraulically powered bender has 3 steel-hardened rolls. The top roll is stationary while the two bottom rolls move in 2-axes. The hydraulic motors are driven through planetary gear boxes for improved precision. A CNC control system provides a digital readout, which simplifies the operator’s job. Customized tooling developed for the specific geometry of Prudential’s extrusions prevents deformation during rolling. The JMT-PBH 100 delivers an accurate consistent bend every time. “This machine is our best option for producing consistent parts,” says Holguin. “We’re very happy with the machine that JMT provided us with and the customer service.”

Predential Lighting - Bending

Luminaire Frames rolled on a JMT profile bender