Nov 18, 2016

“Best show ever!” exclaimed JMT CEO Dustin Jorgenson on Day Three of FABTECH 2016. “It’s the most successful show we’ve ever had.”

As FABTECH begins to wind down, the JMT staff are tired yet encouraged — visitors to the show have been placing orders left and right for JMT fabrication machines.

While the Las Vegas show, held every fourth year, is traditionally smaller than the Chicago and Atlanta FABTECH shows, JMT has the home court advantage: our national headquarters is across the state line in Utah.

Established in Salt Lake City in 1967 as a local machine tool dealer, JMT has in recent years gained national recognition as a major contender in the industry, with dealers selling our line of machines from coast to coast. Our local clientele is still very loyal, though, and it shows with visits from many of them to our booth.

Yet the bulk of our success this year has come from from new contacts, people who have discovered us online, through our advertising, and through word-of-mouth from other customers. They came in droves to see what we had to offer (and they weren’t disappointed!).

Even as the show is ending, the work of the JMT team has just begun. Many hours lay ahead in sending specifications, price quotes and other information to all the customers, new and old, who have asked for them in record numbers over the last three days.

And we do still have to take the booth down, too.


JMT at FABTECH 2016 - Day 3


JMT is an official sponsor of FABTECH 2016, which began on November 16th, 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Didn’t make it to FABTECH to see us? That’s okay — we are still here to help you. Please give us a call or send us an email and let us consult with you on your current and upcoming metalworking projects.

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