Jul 02, 2013

Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser

In order to accurately cut sheets of metal, it is important to use a highly precise and efficient cutting machine. We have begun working with a new type of cutting machine called a fiber laser. This method of cutting is ideal for most applications due to its low cost of operation, ease of maintenance, and accuracy of the laser. Like other laser cutting systems, a fiber laser is capable of cutting many types of material including sheet metal and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, brass and copper.

If your operation utilizes cutting equipment of any kind, consider the following benefits of implementing a fiber laser cutting system:

Cost. In comparison with other types of laser cutting, a fiber laser cutting machine only uses about 1/3 of the energy of other types of lasers and replacement parts for a fiber laser machine are far less expensive. Many users have noticed an increase in production with a fiber laser machine which has in turn increased profits and lowered overhead expenses.

Downtime. Fiber laser cutting machines operate with far less downtime than other types of lasers. In the event of breakdowns, repairs, or routine maintenance, a fiber laser can be quickly repaired and back in operation in a fraction of the time of other laser cutting machines. Additionally, the parts necessary to repair a fiber laser machine cost far less than the parts of any type of laser so your overall cost of downtime will be less than that of any other laser machine (every fiber laser component can be replaced in 8 hours).

Accuracy. A fiber laser cutting machine offers extreme accuracy in all metals to be cut with a fiber laser. There are no beam diversions with a fiber laser so you get a clean and precise cut every time. Fiber laser technology is some of the most advanced in the sheet metal industry. This means your laser is already using the most innovative technology available, which will make your entire cutting process more effective and more efficient.

If you have questions about how using a fiber laser can benefit your operation, our machinery consultants are happy to discuss the advantages of a fiber laser for any application. Making the change from a CO2 laser or plasma cutting machine to a fiber laser is cost-effective and efficient. We can help you discover how to lower your downtime, maintenance, and cost of operation with a fiber laser.


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