Oct 20, 2017

All Types of Metal Bandsaws for Sale


The Art of Selling Band SawsJMT offers a wide variety of bandsaws for sale, including your next saw! Metal band sawing machines from JMT are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, so we have the perfect model for your next metal-cutting job.

We have a full line of horizontal band saws, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic models. We also offer a full line of horizontal miter cutting band saws (also available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models).

JMT has two styles of bandsaws for sale, our double column machines (with either linear bearings or chrome columns), and our scissor-type horizontal band saws (which are of a roller bearing cage design).

JMT saws come in cutting capacities from 8″ to 52″ and we have saws that can miter cut up to 60 degrees in both directions.

All of our band saws are inverter-controlled direct-drive gear box machines, from our smallest saw to our largest. These are much more efficient than the old belt-driven models popular in bygone days.

With the exception of a couple of our smallest saws which are fabricated, JMT band sawing machines start out with a cast iron base for added stability.

Vertical band saws are also available.


The JMT Bandsaw Advantage


Bandsaws for Sale from JMT.jpgJMT band saws are cleverly designed to give operators a specific level of sophistication for a very competitive price, everything you need, nothing you don’t.

All of our band saw machines are designed with world class major components, so sourcing a replacement component can be accomplished at a local supply center.

Strategic cast iron components can be found all the way down to our smallest machine models which still have solid vise plates, vise and base.

Every band saw machine JMT sells has cast iron wheels, cast iron guide arms and carbide blade guides, all intended to improve the rigidity of the saw helping to provide better blade life and a much improved finish.

JMT’s reputation is legendary in the industry — from the most comprehensive install, to the most effective operator training, to the most responsive service department when the need arises, JMT is there for you!

Please visit our Band Saw Product Page for more information on JMT Band Saws, and call us today for a competitive quote on your next metal-working machine.

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