Aug 19, 2013

At some point, your company might have to decide between getting large press brakes or getting two, smaller press brakes that can be used in tandem. Here at JMT, we believe that having tandem press brakes will improve your business’s efficiency and allow for more versatility in your metal bending processes.

Why Would You Need Tandem Press Brakes?

Businesses, especially when they need large pieces of metal bent, will look into getting large, single press brakes to handle the workload. However, tandem press brakes can handle similar length requirements and will still provide your company with capability you might lose with large press brakes.

Tandem press brakes can:

  • Run together, singly, or at the same time independently
  • Be set up with two different sets of tooling to increase efficiently in multi-stage bending
  • Bend small pieces of metal alone or large pieces together

Downsides of Large Press Brakes

While getting single, large press brakes might seem like a better idea, they can actually hinder production, versatility, and efficiency. Additionally, large press brakes:

  • Weigh around 1800 tons, which makes them difficult and expensive to transport
  • Require that they are dug into the ground
  • Cost more than getting two small press brakes that you can use in tandem
  • May be more difficult to assemble when they arrive
  • Are good with large pieces but not as useful for small pieces

With tandem press brakes, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Individual, small press brakes weigh only 400 tons a piece, which means that they can be flush with the floor, even when they are side by side. Because tandem press brakes are smaller than a single large-scale press brake is, they are more easily operated as well.

If you are interested in purchasing two press brakes to improve the efficiency and boost the capacity of your business, or to discover which press brake option is right for your application, contact JMT today.  One of our press brake experts will be happy to give you a personal consultation that can assist you be more efficient in your specific applications. Call 855-Press-Brake (855-773-7727) or email


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