JMT PBH 60 Angle Roll

JMT PBH 60 Hydraulic Angle Roll
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The JMT-PBH60 is a feature-rich mid-size profile bender. All 3 rolls are hydraulically powered through a planetary gearbox. The top shaft diameter is 2.36″ and the roll diameters are 6.97″. Tie-bars help increase shaft rigidity. This machine can accurately bend a wide variety of profiles. For example, it can bend a 25/32″ solid square bar to a minimum diameter of 11 13/16″. In addition to solid bar stock, this machine can also bend angle iron and hollow tubing with the use of special tooling that is available from JMT.

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Product Description JMT Hydraulic Profile Rolls
Top Shaft Diameter: 2.364″ (60mm)
Planetary Shaft Diameters (2): 2.364″ (60mm)
Roll Diameters: 7″
Motor Power: 3 + 2 HP
Turning Speed: 0 – 17 FPM
Dimensions: 46″ L x 39″ W x 46″ H
Weight: 2627 lbs.

– 1 set of standard universal hardened and ground rolls (special steel)
– All three rolls (shafts) are driven through precision gear box
– 3-axis hardened side supports (lateral guide rolls) with mechanical forward-backward (Thrust ), up-down (Translation ) and right-left (Radial ) movement
– Side supports will accommodate leg-in/leg-out angle iron bending
– Portable control panel with programmable DROs
– Vertical or horizontal operation
– Body constructed of stress-relieved steel
– Hydraulic/electrical overload protection
– Bottom roll shafts hydraulically adjusted
– World standard electrical/hydraulic components (parts stocked by us or available off-the-shelf from your local supplier)
– Compliant with CE norms regulations

– Special rolls for tubes, profiles, etc.
– Rolls and tooling for hardway beam/channel bending
– Fully hydraulic side supports (per axis)
– Digital readout for side supports
– NC control system – with or without axis
– CNC control system
– Remote (wired or wireless)
– Adjustable turning speed
– Tie Bar for rolls
– Spiral bending apparatus

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Weight 2627 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 39 x 46 in