JMT PBH 240 Angle Roller

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The JMT-PBH240 angle roll is a powerhouse when it comes to high pressure bending, this rugged machine can create 38” minimum diameters. It offers 3 hardened rolls composed of special steel and both top and bottom rolls have their own planetary gear box with automatic speed adjustment. This angle roll machine is designed to create high pressure bending work with a hydraulic/electrical overload protection. Create countless standard profiles as well as options for specialized rolls when required.

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JMT Hydraulic Profile Rolls

Section Modules: 11-20 in3
Shaft Diameters: 8.7 in, 8.7 in, 9.5 in
Roll diameters: 22″
Motor Power 40 HP
Turning Speed: 0-23 FPM
Dimensions: 91″ L x 78″ W x 126″ H
Weight: 35,200 lbs

Standard Specifications:
– 1 set of standard universal hardened and ground rolls (special steel)
– Bottom and top rolls have two separate planetary gear boxes and are hydramotor driven
– Hydraulic control of lateral guide rolls in 3 axes (Thrust / Translation / Radial )
– 6 axes total
– Adjustable turning speed
– Portable control panel with programmable DROs
– Horizontal operation
– Body constructed of stress-relieved steel
– Hydraulic/electrical overload protection
– Bottom roll shafts hydraulically adjusted
– World standard electrical/hydraulic components (parts stocked by us or are available off-the-shelf from your local supplier)
– Compliant with CE norms regulations

– Special rolls for pipe and profiles
– Rolls and tooling for hardway beam/channel bending
– Digital readout for side supports
– NC control system – with or without axis
– CNC control system
– Remote (wired or wireless)
– Anti-deformation apparatus for U-I-H bending
– Spiral bending apparatus
– Custom machines available

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