Aug 06, 2017

While we don’t sell welders themselves, JMT does offer a full line of welding positioning equipment. From tank turning rolls to cross-beam welding manipulators, we can help you position your weld in the right spot the first time.

Along with standard fixed height turn table welding positioners, JMT carries adjustable height positioners that can bring your weld up to your welding equipment. Like standard positioners, these adjustable positioners can pivot the angle of the table, but also features a hydraulic cylinder for changing the elevation of the table itself.

Our elevating positioners are equipped with a pendant control as well as a foot pedal. Forward and back rotation of the table is controlled by either the pendant or the pedal. The pendant control also can adjust the speed of rotation (driven by an inverter to an AC motor), the elevation and the tilt. The hydraulic pump can be stopped and started by buttons on the pendant, and both the pendant and the electrical cabinet have emergency stops to shut everything off.

The hydraulics are located at the back of the unit, out of the way of the work piece, preventing damage from falling debris.

The accompanying video spotlights the JMT HBJY10 elevating welding positioner, which features a 35″ table and a payload capacity of 2200 lbs.

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Adjustable Height Welding Positioner


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