Sep 30, 2016

JMT now carries hydraulic 4 foot press brakes. Our standard model is the JMT ADR 1260, which is a 1.2 meter by 60 metric ton brake (which in American measurements are 4′ by 66 US-tons). The ADR 1260 brakes have 15.75 inches of daylight (open height), a 6.3″ stroke, and a throat depth of 13.75″.

Standard features of our ADR series brakes include sliding sheet supports, a box clamp system, separate Y1/Y2 axes, an X-axis back gauge, and a controller.

Other features we’ve added to our four foot press brakes are our new control arm that can swivel to allow an operator to be closer to his part, as well as our safety laser that keeps the operator’s fingers safe while he is working up close with the part.

Options include an upgrade to an R-axis back gauge, American or European tooling for our box clamps, a universal box clamp system for our four-way die, and a choice of controllers (JMT’s DT-10 or Delem’s DA-56 are recommended).


How Are JMT’s 4 Foot Press Brakes Better?


4-foot-press-brakesJMT 4 foot press brakes are an affordable solution for companies requiring high precision for repeated small parts.

We offer a higher tonnage in a 4 foot brake than most of our competitors with our 66-ton brakes, and they are Y1/Y2 machines.

All of JMT’s press brakes are built with world-renown components such as Siemens,  Bosch-Rexroth and Emerson, all easily replaceable off-the-shelf from your local supplier.


We also offer a 4 foot brake in our ADS series that can have additional axes (such as an X, R, and Z-axis back gauge) and upgraded controllers (like the Delem DA-66T touch control).


Learn more about our 4 foot press brakes in the products section of our website:




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