Why JMT Machines


Safe operation of heavy and fast moving machinery for the operator and bystanders is paramount to any successful fabrication shop, which is why JMT machines have a multitude of safety features in place, oft-times exceeding industry standards. Safety is JMT’s top priority! We are always proactive about implementing additional innovative safety features when existing ones are inadequate.


We understand how important disruption-free metal fabricating is and how maximum productivity is key to your overall success. With that in mind we design and engineer every one of JMT machines to maximize speed and repeat-ability, by meticulously identifying and removing any hindrance to efficiency, providing you with optimized quality fabrication machines.


With 50 years in the metal working machine tool business under our belts and with an ever expanding team of seasoned design and application engineers, product specialists, sales consultants and highly trained service technicians JMT is an assembly of knowledgeable industry professionals with the expertise to tackle any fabrication problem.


JMT fabrication machines are designed from the ground up by our design engineers with only one goal: to build the highest quality longest lasting machines imaginable. By combining our unique machine designs with the highest quality components available, we realized our goal and provide some of the most reliable and durable machines in the world!


JMT starts with quality by using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, strict design standards and reputable non-proprietary components to ensure a high level of performance and precision. Our innovative technicians use advanced technologies to create powerful machines that combine speed, repeatability and accuracy for a value you won’t find anywhere else.


JMT machines are designed with state-of-the-art technologies that provide unparalleled accuracy and precision. This is the result of our world-class Research and Development department that has been constantly perfecting our machines for decades, allowing us to stay on the cutting edge and consistently producing machines with unbelievable tight tolerances.


JMT is committed to the universalization of machinery and machine tools, because it not only prevents our customers from having to reinvest in new tooling and accessories, but allows for remarkable flexibility. The flexibility and longevity of our machines provides for a significantly broader range of applications, maximizing your value.


Every JMT machine is supported by qualified trained technicians who have 65 years of combined experience in the installation, repair, service, upgrade and maintenance of metal fabrication machines. Our service team has a broad range of skills in trouble-shooting and diagnosing mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, CNC and CAM programming issues.


JMT is a division of a successful family-owned and operated business that has been providing quality metal working & fabrication machines and industrial products since 1967. With our 50 years of experience JMT is quickly becoming an industry leader that's known for quality metal fabrication equipment at a value. JMT's team of seasoned industry experts & professionals are devoted and dedicated to providing a top level product with a higher level of support & service than the industry has ever known.

JMT machines are built to stringent design and quality standards in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that we partner with across the globe. JMT’s precision line of steel fabricating machines have an outstanding performance-to-price ratio, which makes buying a JMT machine an excellent value and wise investment. When you purchase JMT fabrication machines, you’re buying more than just a machine that will do the job, you’re buying an experience and a machine tool that sets you apart from the rest and gives you an advantage over your competition now and in the future.

JMT has a long, proud history in the machine tool industry. Our past successes have led to our strong growth. Today, JMT is expanding by adding facilities in the East and Midwest to bring our valued customers the latest and most advanced metal forming machines in the industry closer to home.

At JMT, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. This level of service starts with modern training and show room facilities supported by a full staff of knowledgeable application engineers, product specialists and highly skilled technicians. JMT is equipped with every resource available to back up the promises we make and we stand eager to help you before, during and after you make a wise decision to purchase JMT machines.


  • Press Brakes


  • Plate Rolls

    From the thinnest sheet to the thickest plate JMT has your number in plate rolling machines. In 3 roll and 4 roll, hand crank to the most powerful variable axis…

  • Laser Cutting Machines

    For cutting accuracy and efficiency, fiber lasers stand head and shoulders above other cutting systems, like CO2 lasers or plasma cutting machines. Fiber lasers are designed for energy efficiency. The…

  • Angle Rolls

    JMT’s latest offering in our angle roll lineup is getting rave reviews. Since these machines have been completely re-designed our customer feedback has been all positive. The reports are faster…

  • Shearing Machines

    When it comes to shearing, JMT's selection of high quality production shears are a cut above the competition. With our newly designed shearing machine lineup, all possible cutting jobs and…

  • Band Saws

    If production is your intent for your metal cutting band sawing needs, you have found the right saws. JMT is proud to present our latest line up of high speed…

  • Ironworker Machines

    If there was ever a single machine that could accomplish all the tasks in the fabrication industry all our lives would be so much simpler. Unfortunately, no such machine exists.…

  • Weld Positioning

    JMT is your source for quality made Welding Positioners, Welding Manipulators and Tank Turning Rolls for sale. To produce a high-quality weld, the work-piece must be positioned at the correct…

  • Metalworking Lathes

    Designed and built with the utmost quality, our metal lathes are precision made with an extra rigid, one piece meehanite casting bed and heavily ribbed webbing. This combination of components…

  • Milling Machines

    THE UNIVERSAL MULTI PORPUSE MILLING MACHINE Due to the complexity of today’s modern manufacturing facility and job shop environments, the need for a flexible, well designed, highly equipped milling machine…

  • Punch Press

    Hundreds of JMT Punch Presses all around the world attest to the quality, reliability, and stability of our machines ; their stress relieved steel construction, modern design, state of art…

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    Automated CNC Plasma Cutting is a mainstream tool in any fabrication operation where flat plate profiling is performed. Over the past decade, Automated plasma cutting has become more precise, more…

  • Structural Drill Line

    Available with 1, 2, or 3 individual spindles, our structural drill lines are best suited for construction involving steel, bridges, or shipyards. With the ability to drill H, I, and…

  • JMT Robotics

    RIBS is the acronym we give our Robotic Press Brake Tending Solutions. JMT has been successfully integrating robots to press brakes for more than 10 years. Placing a robot in…


H & R Steel

H & R Steel

We’ve just invested in a new press brake and we’re excited about incorporating that into our facility.… The machine is very efficient for what we need it for and we’re excited to get more work.… So far I love the new press brake.

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Co-Owner  El Cajon, CA / Press Brake 

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Bending Metal

Metal Bending

JMT metal bending Press Brakes are unparalleled by none other, plus we know Press Brakes better than anyone. Buying a JMT Press Brake is a wise investment!

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Rolling Metal

Metal Rolling

JMT has a perfect line up of metal rolling machines with plate rolls, angle rolls, and profile tube benders that deliver reliable performance you can count on.

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Cutting Metal

Metal Cutting

JMT offers CNC metal cutting lasers, band saws, and shearing machines to accomplish all of your metal cutting with speed, efficiency and precision.

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Metal Punching

Metal Punching

Ironworkers, CNC Plate Punches, Turret Punch Presses, Drills, and Structural Steel Drill Lines-JMT is your one stop shop for all metal punching machines.

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