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Welcome to JMT USA. For over 40 years, JMT has been designing, selling and servicing all types of machine tools for metalworking and fabrication. JMT has machines for bending, forming, rolling, cutting and positioning. We provide the right machines for your metalworking application, at the right price. JMT machine tools have an outstanding performance-to-price ratio, making them an excellent value.

At JMT, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our high quality machine tools and complete service make JMT USA the best choice for all of your fabrication machining needs.

“It’s difficult to compete in today’s world with yesterday’s technology. We have solutions.”

Our high quality metalworking Machine Tools include:

Press Brakes

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic press brakes offer accuracy and versatility for bending simple or complex metal parts. JMT press brakes have mulitple axes and come in a wide range of lengths and tonnages.

Plate Rolls

4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll
Plate rolls are designed to quickly and efficiently transform flat sheet metal into cylindrical or radius parts. JMT offers both mechancial and hydraulic plate rolls in a variety of roll diameters and lengths.

Angle Rolls

Profile Roll
Bending metal tubes, pipes, channels or beams is fast and easy with a JMT angle roll. We have the right machine for your structural steel fabrication application.

Aircraft|Aerospace Specialty Rolls

Specialty Plate Rolls for Aerospace Manufacturing
JMT offers a special line of custom plate rolls designed to meet the needs of the aircraft and aerospace construction industry.

Fiber Lasers

Metal Cutting Fiber Laser
Fiber Lasers are easier to operate and more cost effective than CO2 lasers. JMT has partnered with Nukon to offer a line of high-performance fiber lasers that can cut steel as well as stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, aluminum and other materials.


Shears are a cost-effective cutting solution because they are fast to set-up and easy-to-use. JMT offers several types of shears with different metal cutting capabilities.


Pivot Bandsaw
Whether for production or maintenance, a Band Saw is a staple machine for any metal working shop. JMT offers a full line of bands saws, from manual to automatic, straight-cuts to miters.


The Ironworker is a versatile machine with stations for punching, notching, shearing and more. A JMT Ironworker saves labor, time, energy and cost.

Welding Manipulators

Welding Manipulator
Extend your lift and reach with a JMT welding manipulator. Our boom is designed to weld hard to reach joints.

Welding Positioners

Welding Positioner

JMT weld positioners improve ergonomics, reducing welder fatigue and increasing weld quality. Our line of turning and tilting weld positioners can easily and safely rotate parts.

Tank Turning Rolls

Tank Turning Rolls
Designed for peripheral welding of cylindrical containers, such as pipes and pressure vessels. JMT offers both conventional and self-adjusting tank turning rolls in a variety of sizes.

Drill Line

JMT drill line
JMT has partnered with Akyapak to offer a drill line for fast, efficient structural fabrication. This line can drill, mill, tap or scribe along 3 surfaces without repositioning your material.


Our goal: Earn your business for life not just for this sale.

JMT Sales and Service Staff

Experience and Vision

JMT has a long, proud history in the machine tool industry. Our past successes have led to our company’s strong growth. Today, JMT is expanding to bring our customers the latest and most advanced metal forming technologies.

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JMT service technicians

JMT is Strong on Service

At JMT, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. Our application specialists and technicians are here to help you before, during and after the machine tool sale.

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